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Step into the enigmatic world of "Twin Peaks" with our high-quality socks, meticulously designed to infuse comfort and style into every step of your journey. These socks, adorned with a sublimated print inspired by the captivating TV series, serve as a subtle yet striking accent, whether enhancing your office attire or elevating an extravagant outfit.

Crafted from a blend of 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex, these socks prioritize both comfort and durability. The ribbed tube design and cushioned bottoms ensure a snug fit, allowing you to navigate your day with unmatched ease and comfort.

NB! Please note that darker color prints might subtly highlight the side-seams.

The "Twin Peaks" inspired sublimated print on these socks encapsulates iconic imagery and symbols from the series, from the mesmerizing red curtains of the Black Lodge to cryptic signs and memorable quotes. Available in three different sizes, these socks cater to various preferences and foot sizes. The flat sublimation method used for printing may result in slight color discrepancies along the side seams, adding an intriguing dimension to the overall design.

Embrace the mysterious allure of "Twin Peaks" with these socks, letting each step you take become a subtle homage to the enigmatic world created by David Lynch. Whether worn at work or for a fashion-forward statement, these socks offer both comfort and a captivating tribute to the iconic TV series. Add these socks to your collection to infuse your style with the intrigue and charm of "Twin Peaks."

TWIN PEAKS TV Series Inspired Spocks

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