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 Embrace your love for these playful and adorable creatures with our charming squirrel-themed socks, tailored for anyone captivated by the delightful antics of these furry friends. These socks feature captivating sublimated prints of squirrels, a perfect match for those enchanted by the charming world of these lively critters.

Crafted from a blend of 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex, these high-quality socks prioritize both comfort and durability. Their ribbed tube design and cushioned bottoms offer a snug and comfortable fit, ensuring every step is as joyful as watching squirrels at play.

NB! Please note that darker color prints might slightly emphasize the side-seams.

Adorned with sublimated prints showcasing the endearing charm of squirrels, these socks are a heartwarming celebration of nature's furry acrobats. Available in three different sizes, these socks cater to various preferences and foot sizes. The flat sublimation method used for printing may result in slight color discrepancies along the side seams, adding a unique flair to the overall design.

Ideal for squirrel lovers, these socks effortlessly blend comfort and style. Whether they're complementing your office attire as a subtle accent or making a bold statement as part of an extravagant outfit, let these socks be your delightful expression of admiration for these lovable creatures.

Sublimation Socks

SKU: 20235184491378178673
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