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Introducing our high-quality socks featuring a sublimated print inspired by Robbie from the iconic movie "Poltergeist." These socks offer optimal comfort paired with a touch of eerie style, making them a versatile addition to complement an office attire or serve as a striking statement piece for an extravagant outfit.

Crafted from a blend of 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex, these socks prioritize both durability and comfort. The ribbed tube design and cushioned bottoms ensure a snug fit, providing all-day comfort wherever your adventures take you.

NB! Please note that darker color prints might slightly accentuate the side-seams.

In "Poltergeist," Robbie Freeling is one of the central characters, experiencing the paranormal happenings within his family's home. These socks feature imagery or themes inspired by Robbie's character, incorporating elements that capture the eerie essence of the film. Available in three different sizes, these socks cater to various preferences and foot sizes. The flat sublimation method used for printing may result in slight color discrepancies along the side seams, especially noticeable with darker prints, adding a unique touch to the design.

Embrace the mystique and supernatural vibes of "Poltergeist" with these Robbie-inspired socks. Whether you're at work or aiming for an attention-grabbing ensemble, these socks offer both comfort and a nod to the eerie cinematic world. Add these socks to your collection to infuse your style with a hint of the supernatural and pay homage to this classic horror film.

POLTERGEIST Robbie inspired Socks

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